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Hosting – WordPress

What you get from a WordPress hosted system from us:

  • If your site theme has been developed by us, then we will maintain the test environment in its’ ‘sign-off’ state for you for a twelve week period following the ‘go-live’ date – this environment therefore becomes your test/training system
  • WordPress site tested against: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome browsers
  • We will provide some basic documentation on page updates that you can follow to change the content of the pages
  • A WordPress enviornment built to the latest official WordPress release standard (v3.1.3)
  • Any plug-ins agreed as part of the test ‘signed-off’ environment installed and ready
  • SEO data configured, as agreed with your account manager
  • A log-in into your WordPress ‘live’ enviornment for page updates
  • Monthly statistics of visitor numbers (a link will be sent by us each month for you to view the figures)
  • Your website ‘submitted’ for indexing by the search engines, see here for more details
  • Website availability of an average of at least 99.95%

The amount of storage/disc space will depend on which hosted package you have signed up for.

Hosted system performance

Ever since we started hosting, we have been monitored and measured by an external, independent company - this is so we can give actual statistics on our performance.

Our SLA for hosted non-managed domains is 98%, actual to date performance is 99.19% SLA for hosted managed sites is 99.97%, latest: Website Uptime

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